Our Story

Founded in 2015, we aim to make gear that inspires more adventure.

Somewhere between streetwear and outdoor wear lies Aura Equipment. 


For the curious.
The adventure. 

Our goal and voice for Aura comes from one that celebrates an independent maverick lifestyle. 

Making the most of your weekend. 

Bringing your best attitude for everything you come across.

Based in beautiful Denver, CO, we are a small brand hoping to inspire more people to enjoy the outdoors and living their life to the fullest.


So who is Aura and why should you care?

After moving from Florida to Denver, CO, Aura was started with a passion of rock climbing.  The owner & founder has a background of building & operating eCommerce businesses so he took this entrepreneurial itch and applied it to this new passion.

ground zero

We saw a need for a more graphic intensive, streetwear style driven outdoor company.  Every visit to an outdoor outfitter shop brings the same vanilla shirts and jackets.  Having grown up in the 90s, there's a strong design influence in this brand of skate and snowboard culture throughout all of our designs.

The aim of this company is to inspire an independent, active lifestyle and have Aura be living proof that it can be done.  We want to connect with likeminded people that share this life outlook and have them part of our tribe.