Our Favorite Post-Climb Beers

What's the best reward to having a successful climbing session?  Beer!  After you've contorted your body in new ways, callused your hands up, and pumped your forearms enough, a beer is a great way to recall your climbing successes and discuss beta on routes.  We recommend this in moderation of course, as drinking beer (or alcohol in general) is not the ideal way to recover after an intense workout.  That being said, bottoms up!

1)  Dale's Pale Ale - Oskar Blues Brewery

Despite Oskar Blues' nationwide growth and distribution as of late, Dale's Pale Ale has retained its easy drinking nature and high quality taste.  Listed as a Pale Ale, it's hoppy enough and strong enough for us to be considered a close to IPA beer.  The fact that the beer originated here in Colorado (Longmont) is another point in our highly subjective rankings.

2)  Pabst Blue Ribbon

Winner of the Blue Ribbon, PBR is always a clear go-to for an after climb pint (best enjoyed outdoors).  It's so easy drinking and inexpensive that a four pack is perfect to bring to after climbing time with your pals.

3)  Cougar Slayer - Jagged Mountain Brewery

This blackberry saison is crisp and refreshing - perfect for toasting your climbing triumphs!  It is great any time of the year and if you're lucky, Jagged will have some of its barrel aged variants on tap when you visit.  Worth mentioning is that the brewery's interior is themed around mountaineering and climbing with decorations like climbing ropes, crampons, and pickaxes.  Located in downtown Denver, Colorado.

4)  Arrogant Bastard Ale - Stone Brewing

"You're Not Worthy" - the words that greet you on the front of every bottle of this excellent American Strong Ale.  Best enjoyed in the 22 oz. bomber version with your climbing partner, this Ale has tastes of toasty caramel, coffee, prunes, nuts, raisins and more.  


5)  Titan IPA - Great Divide Brewery

For those that love the hops, the Titan is for you.  Brewed here in Denver and available nationwide, the Titan has citrus hop flavors with a malty sweet finish making for a very drinkable IPA.  You'll feel like one of the 300 after drinking a few of these. 

6) Oaked Southern Hemisphere Black Pale Ale - Mockery Brewing

Another local favorite brewery of ours, Mockery's Oaked Southern Hemisphere has a malty chocolate flavor with a mix of coffee and vanilla.  Best enjoyed a bit warmer than straight away, this beer complements the upscale industrial interior that Mockery's taproom offers.


Do you have any favorite go-to brews?  Let us know in the comments as we're always down to try a new beer!