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Aura Journal

28 Jun, 2017

Indoor Rock Climbing : The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Wanting to start rock climbing, but not sure how everything goes down?  Getting in to the sport can be intimidating, especially in a gym setting when there is usually a crowd (this is one of the reasons my wife doesn't climb more often!).  I've climbed for around 5 years now and started in a gym. If I did it, so can...


27 Jul, 2016

Why we make our products in the USA

"Common sense is not common".     When we started Aura, we knew we had to conceive core values to adhere to.  A few of these are : promotion of outdoor adventures & active lifestyles advance the sport of rock climbing make all products in the USA A majority of other companies in this space of "adventure apparel / gear"...


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