#gooutside : Moab, UT Mountain Biking

MOAB.  Mo-Ab.  A place you can go where no man made structures can be seen for miles.  Our first trip to this oasis was amazing - 4 days of mountain biking and hiking national parks.  In Denver, we are spoiled by the proximity to epic climbing, biking, and snowboarding, but this desert canyon terrain was an all new experience.

The route west through the Rockies along I-70 is a bucket list item for road trippers.  We fly past the lux town(e)s of Aspen and Vail and continue to be amazing around every corner of breathtaking mountain scapes and valley features.  The climber in me wants to pull off every 1/4 mile for what look to be great climbing routes, but we keep the eye on the prize and push through towards Moab.  

We jet off the 128 exit just east of Arches park for a scenic journey in to Moab - highly recommended for first timers!  It takes a little longer than normal due to a road construction project, but this provides us time for a quick round of pushups.  

 First night : check in to downtown Moab and retire early for a big next day.

Our friends at Poison Spider rent us some 27" full suspension bikes for the trip - nothing too crazy but they had all of the latest functions like a hydraulic seat dropping post.  They are very friendly and help us with transportation to some trail heads and suggesting routes.  100% recommended if you are ever in the area!

Keeping to around 20-30 miles a day, we are able to take our time to get comfortable on the bikes and take in the beautiful scenery and unique features of the land.

Earning our beers, we conquer all of the intermediate trails in Moab Brands, Navajo Rocks, and 7-Up (see trails here).

The rest of our time in Moab is spent hiking the national parks of Canyonlands and Arches.  It seems that one could spend endless amounts of time exploring these parks and taking part in long hiking trips.  We are only able to spend a few hours in each which was more than enough for a once in a lifetime memory.

Spencer in Out of Office T-Shirt and Adventure More camper hat.

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