Top Ten Rock Climbing Videos

In need of climbing inspiration?  Need to see some inhuman sends?  Look no further.  Our staff chose the (extremely subjective) best rock climbing videos on the web and have arranged them in no particular order:

1)  Evilution Direct - Bishop, CA.  A classic highball problem based on a boulder with a very imposing size.  


2)  The Sensei - Japan.  American climber Daniel Woods travels to Japan to meet with Yuji Hirayama, one of the all time best climbers, to tackle some competitions and outdoor bouldering.  Be sure to watch Part 2 as well!


3) Lucid Dreaming - Bishop, CA.  Want to climb a 3 move V15 boulder?  Here's how powerhouse Alex Megos does it.


4)  La Dura Dura - Spain.  It's a given that if it's a list of climbing videos, there will be an appearance by master Chris Sharma.  Here he is along with Adam Ondra in a scream match to complete this 5.15C.


5)  El Capitan - Yosemite, CA.  This realistic take on climbing one of the most iconic lines on one of the most iconic slabs brings you right in the day to day life of climbing The Nose.


6) Sardinia Scouting.  The climbers from La Sportiva take a scouting trip in mostly unexplored Sardinia.  This is surely a dream of many climbers - being the first to touch a new route.


7)  Too Big to Flail - Bishop, CA.  Lonnie Kauk, son of famed climber Ron Kauk, apparently has no fear.  He's a fan of sketchy highball boulders and taking his focus to another level.


8) Relativity - Montana.  Jeff Shapiro sits down to discuss the mental side of climbing and the obstacles to completing your projects.  He also climbs a 5.13+.


9) The Matterhorn.  More of a mountaineering short film, this video takes you on a first person perspective for summiting the famed Matterhorn peak.  


10)  Be like Sean.  Mr. McColl goes through his intense training regimen and shows the dedication required for being one of the best all around climbers in the world.