Health Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing as a sport is exploding worldwide in popularity at the moment.  Erupting.  Detonating.  But why?  There have been people rock climbing for decades - why is it gaining popularity now?  

Many reasons, one being that you are able to explore the outdoors and enjoy it with friends.  It's relatively inexpensive compared to other active outdoor sports and there are established routes nearly worldwide to climb.  You are able to track your progression in the sport through the grades.  The main benefits we'd like to focus on however are the ones that boost your body and mind.

1)  Problem Solving Skills

Rock climbing is as much a physical game as it is a mental game.  You have to know how to position your body, to stay balanced, and keep your endurance during a route to avoid falling.  As you should with any route, it's good to study it beforehand and visualize every move in your head so you don't waste any energy when on the wall.  

Boulder routes are called "problems" for a reason.  Even though a problem could look simple at first glance, you could find yourself in a sticky situation with a poor hand or foot placement.  

One of the reasons why we promote #gooutside on our Instagram is because it helps with your health, mentally and physically.  Did you know that going outside improves your memory and boosts creativity?  Go ahead, take that break and go outside - it's for your health!

2)  Flexibility

If you've climbed before, you can understand the necessity for having a flexible body.  Having flexibility increases your balance and allows you to keep your weight on your feet instead of your arms which is key to climbing better.   That ease of having to throw a high heel hook is a definite must for those looking to up their climbing game.

3) Reduced Stress

There are countless mental benefits to working out and being outside in general and rock climbing combines both of these to make for a highly tranquil activity.  Enjoying nature allows you to see life in a bigger picture and not sweat the smaller things that may be overwhelming you.  Many people are drawn to climbing just for this aspect alone.  Even if you're at the super-noob beginner level of climbing, a day outdoors at the crag is better than staying indoors.

Additionally, focusing your entire attention on your climb is perfect for freeing your mind.  Instead of worrying about work or relationship stress, you are fully concentrated on making deliberate moves on the rock wall.

If you want to have better problem solving skills, flexibility, and reduced stress then rock climbing is for you!  What's your favorite aspect of getting out and climbing?